Body Safety Training (BST): Personal Safety Lessons for Young Children

BST is an evidence-based program designed to teach personal safety to young children. BST is provided in ten short lessons and covers general safety principles (fire, gun, car and street safety). BST also teaches children how to recognize, respond to, and report inappropriate sexual behavior directed towards them.

BST’s main components include:

  • teaching children that they are the boss of his/her own body
  • identifying “private parts” and the proper terminology for these parts
  • how to recognize and respond to inappropriate behavior

Between 20 to 25 percent of victims of child sexual abuse are under 5 years old. BST specifically targets children in this age group (between ages 3-7). BST empowers children with knowledge and strategies so they can play a role in helping to keep their bodies safe.

If you have any questions concerning BST or would like to schedule a BST presentation in your school or classroom, contact our Program Director Marcia Dykstra at (734) 434-4215 or at

In 2016, 1020 preschool children learned about keeping their bodies safe.