Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness/Prevention

Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), also known as Abusive Head Trauma, is 100% preventable. SBS usually occurs when an inexperienced or overwhelmed caregiver is faced with a fussy, crying baby who is not responding to the usual comforting measures. What is frightening about SBS is that it can happen to any caregiver, and many caregivers are not prepared for how frustrating and stressful it can be when caring for a crying baby. Without warning, many of these caregivers reach a breaking point and end up violently shaking a baby back and forth in an effort to quiet it. 20-50% of caregivers do not even know that doing so is extremely harmful to an infant.

We teach parents and caregivers about these dangers and show them the safest way to care for babies. We also teach caregivers how to quickly soothe fussy babies so they are less likely to reach a breaking point when they are caring for a baby who will not stop crying.

To schedule a Shaken Baby Syndrome training session for your group or organization contact us.

In 2015, 369 expectant parents, caregivers, professionals, students and community members learned how to keep infants safe.