Wellness & Resiliency

The digital world and social media affects everything in our lives - especially the health and well-being of our children and youth. There is an increasing trend in teen anxiety, depression, and suicides in our County in recent years. WACC will be piloting a new program “Wellness and Resiliency” that creates awareness among students about their mental health, and how the digital world effects it. This initiative is aimed at the most at-risk groups: middle school, high school, and college student

The workshop “Wellness and Resiliency” educates students about the fundamental warning signs and causes of depression and anxiety, teaching students about emotional resilience and how they can use the internet and social media to be healthy. The workshop will also give students information about local and online resources to help them build and maintain resilience. Through our program, we hope to open a dialogue about mental health and wellness so students have the knowledge and vocabulary to address their needs.

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